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Home Rule Skagit

The Washington State Constitution allows for citizens to petition for a Home Rule Charter. If enough signatures are collected, the question of the charter then goes to voters in a two-step process. The first vote is to approve or reject starting the charter process, and to select a slate of citizens called “freeholders”. If starting a charter is approved, then the elected freeholders are authorized to work on a proposal for a charter. Their proposal will describe a new structure for county governance. A second vote is then held, and the citizens of the county decide whether or not to adopt the proposed charter.

Skagit Immigrant Rights Council

The Skagit Immigrant Rights Council provides advocacy, community and services in Skagit County to guarantee the human rights of immigrants and their families.


American Legion Post 1218

Amityville, New York - Because we empower women and inspire communities! Nearly 900,000 women are members of the American Legion Auxiliary, justifiably known as the nation’s largest patriotic woman’s organization.

City of Nooksack, WA

Nooksack is a quaint little City nestled in the beautiful Nooksack Valley on State Rt. 9, in the northerly corner of Washington State. With a small business district, Nooksack is mainly a bedroom community.

Leon James Photography

A visual chronicler, capturing and cataloging images that stir the imagination. Photographing objects and vistas to share the color, texture and form of what he sees. Along with the work of James Van Der Zee, he finds inspiration in the images of Ansel Adams nature photography. From his personal slant on life, he sees it as a photographic walkabout with each new step bringing to light a new person, place or object to capture and share through the image.